Local Attractions

Our venue is located in an area which has been named, "the charm of the coast." Rockport, Texas is a quaint small town that welcomes all whom visit it; our beach is a tourist attraction as is several of our historical landmarks throughout town. Fishing isn't simply a sport, its a way of life in our town; you will see many with a rod in hand, reeling in the catch of the day. Time spent here is cherished, and we guarantee that you will cherish the memories you make here. 


Our Downtown area is home to various shops that are sure to help you find something unique; whether it be home furniture, decor, clothing, or antiques. We promise you will enjoy walking the street of Austin St. in Rockport, TX. 



Fulton Mansion is a historical landmark located in Fulton, TX; Rockport's next door neighbor. This location never disappoints, if you are looking to get in touch with some local history, this is definitely the place to go. 



Rockport Beach is Texas' only Blue Wave Beach. We take great pride in this awesome vacation spot, and are fortunate enough to get to see it every day. Go dip your toes in the cool water and rest on the sand and get yourself a great tan. 


Fishing; there is nothing quite like casting your line into the water and waiting to get a bite. During that time, you are able to escape reality and enjoy the peace and quiet that our waters have to offer. Whether you are flying solo or have family tag along, great memories are made out on the water. We've never heard of a dull time out on a boat, have you? What are you waiting for? Grab your fishing rod and head on out to Copano Bay, or heck why not take a day trip to the Gulf of Mexico? Regardless of where you fish, you are sure to enjoy yourself. 

For more local attractions in our area, contact the Rockport Chamber of Commerce at (361) 729 6445 or visit: www.rockport-fulton.org